God called Randy and me to Colombia to make Him known to this nation as a living God.

As a church and as a Mission we have been called to bring the glory and presence of God to the nations, making them known to every person.

Firstly, by being worshipers to fulfill the heart’s desire of the Father, who seeks not worship but worshipers who worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).

Our musical productions are the fruit of entering into His presence and delighting in the Lord. We thank Him for His inspiration of every lyric and every melody of the five productions we have recorded.

They are evangelistic tools that God has given to the Christian Community of Faith to share the gospel of power in a different way to so many people who do not know that Jesus Christ, God’s gift of love to the world, lives and works signs and wonders through the Holy Spirit. There have been many testimonies we have received from people who have experienced salvation, physical healing, inner healing, deliverance, freedom, miracles and inspiration with these recordings.

A confirmation of the effect that the worship has had has been through prophetic words such as the following excerpts, in which he tells us that he gives us apostolic praises of worship to reach and minister to the nations of the world: “These praises are apostolic praises and I am going to give wings to this worship and these praises; and like a fire of my Spirit they will burn up all the traditions of man and all the religious thoughts everywhere. I am going to send a fire and give wings to these praises… And I am going to blow upon this fire and send it with my praises everywhere, to the nations… These praises are going to cover my people everywhere because they are apostolic praises and this is what I want for my people” (Prophetic Word by Apostle Randy MacMillan).


Songs from the production “Gracias” received in 2004, 2005 and 2006, three times the Cruz de Oro award at the Latin American Song Festival for the songs “Gracias”, “Tu Amor” and “Derrama Ahora”, respectively.

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