Randy, whose full name was Robert Rankin MacMillan, was born in Norfolk Virginia, United States, in 1953 and departed to the presence of the Lord on May 4, 2012, by natural death, in the city of Cali, where he was living.

He and his wife, Marcela, founded the Christian Community of Faith Church in Cali, Colombia and the South America Mission Federation, which is made up of more than 64 churches in Colombia and in other countries such as Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile.

His life, example, ministry, love for the Lord, passion for the Word of God and intimacy with the Holy Spirit have marked thousands of lives.


In the history of this pioneer, recognized and loved by the body of Christ in Colombia, there are numerous “firsts” that reveal him as a pioneer of revival in Cali and Colombia:

*He was the first minister ordained as apostle in Cali, along with his wife Marcela in 1996, by Dr. Bill Hamon and Prophet Cindy Jacobs.

*He was the first to bring to Colombia the movement of prophetic worship, the new song, the dance and the use of instruments in worship.

His first Latin American Symposium of Praise and Worship in 1986 was revolutionary and opened the way for the revival of worship in this nation.

*He was one of the first Christian ministers in Cali and Colombia who during meetings and services openly taught and prayed for the congregation to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, with the sign of speaking in tongues.

*He was the first pastor who began to invite foreign ministers to his church in Cali.

Many great servants of God have taught in Comunife Cali, among them: Benny Hinn, Cindy Jacobs, Randy Clark, Ronny Chavez, T.L. Osborn, Charles and Francis Hunter, David Fisher, Igna de Suarez, Vivian Hibbert, Jhon Sheasby, Eugene May, Joe Rivera, Steven Swisher, Dave Wagner, Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, Fernando Vangioni, Frank Marzullo, Bill Hamon, Julio Donatti, among others.

*He was the first apostle, along with his wife, to found and receive legal approval from the Colombian government for his Federation of Churches in Colombia.

*He was one of the first to champion and promote the founding of the Pastor’s Association of Evangelical Christian Ministers of el Valle, in the city of Cali. For the love of the unity of the Body of Christ. Chile.


In 1976 Randy and Marcela arrived in Cali and began a fruitful work in the country that has resulted in the foundation of the Church Comunidad Cristiana de Fe Cali and the Federation Mission South America.

Recognized as a master Bible scholar, one of his passions was to raise up leaders for the nations. With this in his heart, he and his wife, Marcela, founded IMES (Instituto Ministerial del Espíritu Santo) in Cali. A great center of training and ministry of the Word of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, from which mature believers are sent to heal, deliver, minister and establish the kingdom of God wherever they go.

Apostle Randy was a constant testimony of faith in God and love for His Word. His teachings have blessed, besides Colombia, nations such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador and the United States, among others. Among his best known studies are: How to Be Guided by the Holy Spirit, The Five Ministries of Jesus Christ, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Foundations of the Local Church, Laws of Prosperity, Biblical Meditation, Conquering the 42 Camps of your Character, Intercession Manual and Spiritual Warfare.

Randy loved Cali, a city that was his second home. In his 36 years of ministry he was always at the forefront of the search and respect for the unity of the Body of Christ in the city and in the country. Even on the day of his departure he continued to receive in his home the apostles, pastors and elders of the city with whom he shared in unity the search for the presence of the Lord and His direction for Cali.

Another of his passions was evangelism and social work. With this motivation he and his wife created the Fundación Social Transforma, a non-profit organization that provides children, youth and adults with educational opportunities based on principles and values that help them discover their intrinsic value in God, respect for human dignity and leadership training (www.fundacionsocialtransforma).

His materials and teachings in audio and videos are available to the Christian people in Comunife Cali ( –

Apostolic Father

Some people raise children;
others have big families.
There are others with grandchildren and great-grandchildren,
but there are those who, like Randy,
have raised generations.

There are people who impact
other people,
and there are those who, like Randy,
have the power of the Holy Spirit
to impact nations.

That was Randy:
Father of a generation
that began in Colombia
and whose ramifications
are seen all over the world

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